We have been working closely with Linktank since 2015. Linktank assisted us with the migration from Spotlight over to Xplan, without their support and guidance this would not of been possible. The migration was smooth and effortless and their ongoing support has been paramount. The staff have the experience and expertise to deal with our issues timeously and their constant follow ups are part of that process making sure every effort is met to meet our requirements and needs.

Tamsin Jones - Veritas Wealth Management

Linktank offers access to a team of knowledgeable resources. They have helped us with training, ongoing support, system administration and consultation. We could not have undergone this journey without their help and support.

Jean Archary – Old Mutual Wealth

Can you believe it’s been 2 years of Xplan for our organisation.

I remember how daunting it was for our staff to move over from Spotlight to Xplan. I recall being trained (train the trainer) on Xplan and after my first training session that I had to facilitate Linktank became my #1 number to phone…

You were one of the very first people that assisted me.

I remember how very impressed I was. Linktank taking our calls so quickly and responding to emails within minutes – and the knowledge was amazing!

I assumed that that will never last.

I recall telling one of my co-trainers – watch this space. as soon as everyone is on Xplan – Linkank will lose their touch and it will take days for them to get back to us.

Well, today I tell you, hats off and I take every word back. 2 years later and the team is still as professional, friendly and very willing to assist as the first day. I contact the call centre very often and I would like to thank each and every one for their patients, and understanding when I phone. Some quires are easy to solve, and others a bit more challenging, yet each and every query is finalised in a professional manner.

Zelda Faure - Old Mutual Personal Finance