We are so grateful to Linktank for managing our Xplan project, their expertise greatly assisted in our data clean up and their oversite of the project ensured that our core business processes were built timeously. This meant that as a financial planner and business owner I could focus on my area of expertise while leaning on Linktank to bring my vision to life. Our staff are more motivated to use our systems and we were able to reduce time taken by staff to meet our administrative compliance needs. We are looking forward to building the next project with Linktank.

Erin White, Director, Crue Invest Pty Ltd.

It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Linktank. They are very knowledgeable and always very willing to assist. If only there were more companies with the same work ethic!

John Armstrong, Advice Manager, Fairbairn Consultant

The team are amazing and take on any task, request, or issue that they face. Staff are at hand to assist with any query and go the extra mile to make sure their clients are happy, by efficiently working on solutions and keeping everyone in the loop. They are a great support, and not only do they make sure the existing platforms function, but they are also constantly looking for the next steps and what’s out there that can benefit their client. It’s a pleasure working with the team.

Yariva Ramdhani, Old Mutual Wealth