We Help Our Clients To:

  • select the right technology solutions for their businesses
  • implement them efficiently
  • integrate systems optimally
  • support and train their users
  • update, test, and maintain technology solutions over time

Business Consulting Services

Our independence from software and product providers means we are uniquely positioned to help financial services businesses with custom requirements-focused vendor selection. We’re also able to assist with the change management, technical implementation and user adoption processes critical to the successful deployment of projects.  Additionally, Linktank can provide ongoing strategic support to internal teams.

Support Services

Our team of qualified and experienced support specialists deliver product knowledge and expert skills across a range of financial planning software applications. We use an ITIL-integrated incident management platform, via which SLA’s are conscientiously managed.

Support can be provided to end-users and internal business support teams alike and is accessible telephonically, online and via email. We work together with our clients to provide intelligent management information aimed at identifying trends, highlighting training and other gaps and to ultimately improve user experience and adoption.

Training Services

Our team of experienced training facilitators offer classroom-style training and one-on-one coaching to both internal training teams and end users.

Onsite training can be supplemented by video- and webinar-based training and accreditation programs that can be tailored to suit specific business requirements

Testing Services

Our Testing team comes with financial planning and software-specific experts who are able to manage your entire version release process or just assist with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for impact analysis, upgrade or integration purposes.

Data Services

Because we understand industry systems and data sources, we’re able to assist with everything from data migration to data integrity, management information and integration projects.


Our 6 Step Technology Process